Art is my Passion is introduced the taste of “gorelicious” for the teenagers. It’s the cycle of styles that develops modern generation. The term "goreliscous” explain to us how artistic our product is. It’s a little bit scary but it’s really attractive. A colorful and unexplained unique designs. But behind this business we are inspired by the three famous clothing’s in the different places of the Philippines. The “Mermollie Ink.”  The second one is “Nick Automatic”  and last is “Graffiti Crea.” those different clothing ranges from simple written words to elaborate arts such as drawings and paintings. These three clothing’s gave us different idea. Our designer use different kinds of designs, different techniques on how colors are combine well and match well to look creative and unique. He is using Adobe Photoshop cs5extended. This photo editor or design creator gives us special effects and special features. Grafi-Factory is our Printer of the clothes, they have special material called “rubberized” It’s durable and wearable. Our business is the cycle of styles that develops modern generation. It was  only a meager collection of ideas and emotions brought to life by going handmade, but then people imaginations improves or develop, We apply it to the t-shirts clothing to express our thoughts by the different artistic designs t-shirts.
         Art is my Passion means creating an extraordinary and creative customized designs according to teenagers interest, with the help of our inspirations and modern software’s they make this business possible for us. Our business is not for everybody/everyone and that makes our products stand out from the rest. Wearable, Fashionable and non-toxic for all. 

·         The main goal of Art is my Passion is to satisfy the people’s interest when it comes to t-shirts designing such as coming up with a customized t-shirts
·         To attract more customers.
·         To be able to come up with several branches in Zamboanga City, next to other regions and to other countries.